• There has been a great revolution in the automobile accessories when the GPS was discovered. Since the discovery of the GPS there has been continuous development and modifications in the GPS. One such revolutionized example is the tomtom. It makes using very easy and also the various options it gives is very impressive. A tomtom system is a solid, intuitive product whose ad campaign is upbeat. The most attractive feature of this tomtom system is that it can be customized as per the user's choice. But how to customize a tomtom?


    A tomtom is very helpful is uploading a new GPS sound its other facilities include the changing of icon of the display. Using tomtom we can also alter the way the maps are displayed. Its feature makes it an ideal tool for the customers.


    In the first step we will see how to change the display using the tomtom device. First of all power on the device and then select the "preference" option present in the main menu. This menu provides much other facility also it opens when the device is switched on. In order to use the tomtom device first we need to have tomtom device with an included USB cable.


    Then the main menu is opened and preference option is selected, then select "car symbol option" present in the main menu. Then using this search for a desired symbol for your car and then okay. Now return to the preference menu and select the "change map colours" option. Now similar to before a set of option is displayed from it the required one is scrolled and selected. When all this is done we should return to the main menu screen.


    To change the voice first we should power on the device and then in the main menu select the preferences menu. Now in the preference menu select the change voice option. Now a list of options is listed we can select anyone by listening to it then choosing it. In this way the desired sound can be selected. Then save the sound preference.


    The tomtom software is chosen from the tomtom web site and it is down loaded. From the available options the required operating system is chosen. The narrow end of the USB cable is plugged into the tomtom system and the other end is plugged into the computer system. A dock base is available in a tomtom system instead of USB cables and wires.


    The tomtom system is switched on and the tomtom software is chosen and gets connected to the device and enables the download of this and other features and options from the web site of tomtom. The options are all stored in the corresponding files and used whenever required. Then the folders are all closed within the GPS itself and the device is ejected from the system and plugged out autel maxidas ds808.


    One must know how to customize a tomtom, these simple steps will enable one to easily customize it. It also gives many options to the user before customizing which makes people very satisfied.

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  • The car rental service in America has always been known to be a lucrative business regardless of the current financial crisis that we are all going through. This has seen many business sky rockets to world level rankings even when majority of them are not as deserving as others. There have been many articles written on the internet about how we should cut back on our expenses by doing things that we previously use to Autel Diaglink. Due to the way such articles have been written, many have misinterpreted the content and meaning behind cutting back on your expenses.


    Many feel that it simply means to completely cut of certain spending habits that one would go about such as using car rental service. What we all have to realise is that until and unless we go about our every day lives using resources and business services like we use to, the economy cash flow will remain the same which as a result means we would still find ourselves in a recession in the years to come.


    One should still spend but with limitations and look at areas where they can cut back on their expenses. This is the case with weekly car rentals. When one goes to rent a car, it is a common trend to hire out the car for an odd period, whether it is 3 days or 9 days. The only problem is that car rental services look at their hiring our service on a weekly basis, for which reason anything that does not fit the title of weekly car rentals, is usually charged more.


    Have you ever noticed why rental offers online are starting with the title of weekly car rentals services? When opting to go for weekly car rentals services, you automatically save yourself a good couple of hundred dollars as you are using the car in accordance to company's schedule.


    When you use the car for an odd day period, even though the company may not say anything about it, they will still end up charging you more. If you are one that needs a car for a limited period of time for example for three days, we recommend opting for weekly car rentals instead. If you are flying out somewhere then simply book two extra days in advance with weekly car rentals.


    You can take a look for yourself online by simply comparing the price of hiring out a car for an odd number of days and then for hiring one that falls under the weekly car rentals category. If you go online, there are many websites that are offering great bonuses and discounts on weekly car rentals. The discounts aren't there because they are occasional offers but because they make it easy and more profitable for the way in which the rental company operates. If you are planning to rent out a car any time soon, it would be a good idea to consider weekly car rentals as this will and can save you a lot of money Autel MaxiDiag MD808.

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  • Windshield has many uses in your car. It gives you visibility of road and blocks dirt and debris from entering your eyes. It is designed to prevent you from being thrown out of the car in case of accidents. You can go for windshield replacement Converse, Tx or repair in case of damage, depending on the circumstances. In case you don't have your seat belt on during a collision, the glass on the windshield is designed such that autel, when you ram your head on it, it acts as a cushion, causing lesser damage.


    Windshield also helps in keeping the car roof in balance and in maintaining structural integrity of the car. Here is some information on auto glass damages and how to take care of them.


    Auto glass damage


    Damages can be caused to the auto glass due to many reasons like stone projectile, collisions, low hanging tree branch hitting your auto glass. They can lead to damages like bulls- eye, star crack, big fractures, other small cracks, etc. When a crack, small or big, is blocking driver's view or if there are multiple small cracks that can spread out and form a big spider crack, it is better to replace the auto glass.


    You should know which damages are repairable and which need windshield replacement Converse, Tx. Do not fall for frauds, where dealers insist that auto glass be replaced, even if it is small crack. Save costs on unnecessary replacements.


    Windshield repair


    When you have a small damage on the auto glass, go to a dealer immediately. Make sure that when you spot a crack, you keep the area clean. Avoid accumulation of debris and dirt that lead the crack to spider around. This way you can get the auto glass repaired at the initial stage and prevent the crack from spreading around to a big fracture, which will need you to go for windshield replacement Converse, Tx.


    When you have a repaired auto glass, maintain it well. It is said that the original strength of the glass is lost once repaired. Avoid further damage, as it might lead to replacement.


    Windshield insurance


    Get a comprehensive car insurance that includes windshield insurance. See how much the deductible is. Enquire with your insurance company about what kind of auto glass damages are covered. Avoid going for 'do- it- yourself' replacement kit, as it is not typically covered. Get more information about 'no- fault' claims, so that you save from paying more on premiums.


    Other tips


    Here are a few more ways to reduce costs on windshield replacement Converse, Tx. Request for quotes for replacement from different companies; go for the one that is reasonable. Do not go for mobile services, as extra charges are included; instead drive down to the dealer yourself. Go for smaller dealer companies than the well known ones as price can be negotiated with them Autel MaxiDiag MD808. Do not rush for speedy service if you have time, as that also includes extra charges.

    For more information on Windshield Replacement Converse or Auto Glass Repair Dallas, contact an auto glass specialist at Mobile Glass Co.
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  • In my capacity as the owner of an import car dealership, I am often amazed at the levels some wholesalers will go to in order to cover up damages to vehicles. As any reputable reseller will tell you, finding the best vehicles is not only a matter of knowing what to physically look for, it's also a matter of knowing how to spot title and ownership oddities. Lately, I have noticed many wholesalers in possession of autos that were originally sold in the Louisiana and Mississippi areas. For some reason, these vehicles had their titles transferred to wholesalers from states far away. While this isn't completely uncommon, it does raise a red flag when you consider the recent natural disasters that have occurred on the Gulf Coast.


    Dealerships need to be aware of the opportunity for unscrupulous parties to effectively "launder" the titles of these vehicles. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, many vehicles were likely paid for via insurance claims against flood damage. These vehicles are finding their way back into the market. While there is nothing inherently wrong with re-selling a designated flood damaged vehicle, there is something entirely wrong with reselling a flood damaged vehicle under the guise of it not having been damaged Autel MaxiCOM MK808.


    Being in the industry, I have heard both sides of the argument. Many wholesalers will tell you that flood damaged vehicles are often appropriated by insurance companies as "totalled", when in fact they may have never been submerged in water at all. My answer to that is to say that any business which values its customers and strives to maintain integrity and honesty would never sell a product they are unsure of Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. In other words, I'm not willing to take a chance with my business and reputation at stake, nor am I willing to gamble with someone else's money. That's exactly what selling a flood damaged automobile is: gambling with your customers money. Flood damaged vehicles can have corroded electrical systems that are primed for failure, unseen rust damage, and a variety of other problems that can surface at a later time.


    My advice to dealerships is to use every resource at their disposal to find out the history of the cars they are purchasing and avoid flood damaged vehicles, unless you plan to sell them as such.

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  • As with building up any vehicle for power, vw tdi performance starts with the basic modifications first. The vw tdi will get its biggest two gains out of a tdi chip or module and out of tdi injectors. Your average chip or module upgrade will give about a 20% power increase. A tdi injector upgrade usually yields about a 20% gain as well. If the right combination of tdi chip/module and injectors are used even more will be gained. i.e. (Van Aaken Smartbox & Van Aaken Smart Power Nozzles) Those are the most basic vw tdi performance upgrades.


    Another basic vw tdi performance modification is the tdi exhaust. If you are going to increase fueling you will in turn increase EGT's (exhaust gas temperatures) autel maxisys ms906. So to keep temperatures lower and to help increase performance of the vw tdi even more, one of two things can be done. One a mufflerectomy can be performed in which the muffler and resonator are removed and a straight pipe is put in their place. This opens things up a little and removes the baffling of the muffler so that the exhaust can flow more freely. The second tdi exhaust option is the aero turbine muffler. The inner design of the muffler works the same as a jet engine to increase the flow of exhaust even more than what a mufflerectomy does. The inner design splits the air via an air foil. The faster air moves through the center and the slower air moves around the outside of the air foil, the slower moving air then re-enters the main air stream through inlets that go down the sides of the mufflers inner cylinder. This recombining creates a vortex that lowers the tone of the exhaust and dramatically reduces back pressure by increasing the flow of all the exhaust that moves through it.


    Increasing air flow into the engine will help more of the fuel to be combusted and to help extract more power out of each molecule of fuel Autel Diaglink. Most cold air intakes have a large cone air filter that is able to move up to 300% more air than the stock air intake system. This makes the cold air intake an important part of any vw tdi performance package, sadly though cold air intakes are not currently made for all the vw tdi models. Another modification that helps with air intake and exhaust is water methanol injection. Water methanol injection is also known as chemical intercooling. It has a three fold effect on the diesel engine. It cools the intake charge which provides for more available air intake and the benefits of a higher positive pressure ratio (more power giving fuel can be utilized safely without high combustion temperatures). Two, the combustion of water also adds power and three; methanol is also a high octane fuel that adds more power. Water methanol injection typically lowers EGT's by about 200 to 250 degrees on bigger diesels and is slightly under that for the vw tdi.


    So in conclusion, to be able to build a real beast the modifications must be made from the ground up. After these mods are made then a bigger turbo and intercooler could be added as well as upgrading the clutch and other components to help hold the added power.

    Nathan Young is a TDi performance enthusiast.
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