• It was a hard decision to sell my car. After years of driving a hand-me-down Nissan Micra, the Polo was the first car I had bought and we had had a very happy relationship for the six years we were together. I had got a good price on it, flustering the salesman by taking along a mate who was good with cars but who was also French. ‘I love this car!' I told my friend in French. ‘Don't look excited,' he responded, also in French. ‘It's a great buy but we can lower the price.' This little ruse meant the Polo cost me about 30% less than the label price and I drove away in my dream machine with a happy smile.


    Every time I closed the doors with that carefully engineered VW thunk a smile would cross my face and the satisfaction of getting great build quality for a fantastic price came back. The car was also wonderful to drive. In some reviews written by VW buyers, the Polo coupé was criticised for being slightly under-powered for cross-country driving autel maxisys ms906. Given I had bought the S-model (that's ‘S' for Sport), and was almost always driving alone, I never found this a problem and threw it around a great many country roads with never a slip of the wheels, even on Christmas trips to deepest, darkest Devon. None of this helped when I had to sell my car: it was too fun to get rid of.


    I also loved the throaty sound of the engine. This car had real personality. Sadly, what ultimately led me to sell my car was the lack of space on the back seat; for a new Mum Autel MaxiSys MS908, this was a problem. For occasional trips with our new progeny it was fine but, with a baby-seat in the back and the regular need for another parent to ride alongside Junior on long journeys, we were struggling for legroom, both front and back. The ‘S' for Sport did not come with a ‘P' for practicality or an ‘F' for family-friendly.


    It was sad but it had to be: the time to sell my car had come. We needed the boot-space and the legroom of a much bigger model. Although selling was a necessity, it wasn't so urgent that we couldn't wait a couple of months to sell at the right price.


    Having used several sites to research the replacement car, I decided to sell my car via one site which had the better review for our particular model of Polo. I spent some time crafting the private advertisement for the car, trying to make it funny. I emphasised the road handling and build-quality, referencing the main review on the site. My complaints about electronics were restricted to the owners' reviews section, which I gambled on not everyone reading. I emphasised the full service history and I highlighted the recent MOT. Most of all, I tried to communicate how much I had enjoyed driving this machine. Several local buyers responded.


    It was hard to be dispassionate and I nearly wavered as I agreed to sell my car to a young woman who had given the acceleration a serious hammering on the test drive. But then, the car could handle it and, as I reflected, my Polo had been loved by one young woman with a taste for speed and cross-country jaunts before. The car left with another happy VW buyer.

    David Barber wrote the article 'The Grown Up Decision to Sell My Car' and recommends you Google 'Iain Mutch' for more information on car buyers.
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  • Whoever you are, you're bound to feel the effects of the increase in the price of gas. The higher cost at the pump has left many families needing to tighten their purse strings. One way to cut your costs is to increase your gas mileage. Ok, so this may sound like an obvious solution, but there are loads of easy ways to improve your gas mileage.


    One of the best ways to improve gas mileage and economy is to keep your vehicle maintained in good condition Autel MaxiSys. Try to make sure the tires are always fully inflated, as too little (or too much) pressure can have a significant impact on your gas mileage. Ensure that when your oil is changed you get your air filter inspected. Having a clean, working air filter also has an impact gas mileage. Making sure your car is well kept not only helps efficiency with gas mileage, but also helps ensure your car lasts that bit longer. With people keeping a closer eye on their budgets, it's a good idea to make you car last that bit longer.


    You can also increase your gas mileage by watching your driving habits. There are several routine habits of many drivers that can have an impact on gas mileage Autel Maxidas DS808. The main change one can make to help improve gas mileage is to reduce your speed. By driving at or below the speed limit you can singifcantly improve your gas mileage, not to mention reducing your likelihood of having an accident. When driving in the city, it's a good idea to try and avoid sudden acceleration, which greatly decreases gas mileage. Similarly, quick and excessive breaking can also use more gas. To get the most usage out of each gallon, try to avoid these bad habits at all times. Riding the break is a common practice of younger or new drivers suffering from a lack of confidence and is a bad habit to develop, particularly in relation to fuel consumption.


    If you are looking to buy a new car, it is a good idea to consider one of these new hybrid cars which promote efficiency in gas mileage. Nowadays, there are loads of models to choose from, thanks to the recent rise in gas pricing, Several of which get fantastic gas mileage. The hybrid car is not only good for gas mileage, and improving in appearance and performance all the time. The extortionate price of gas has led many manufactures to step up production of hybrid cars to help consumers achieve greater gas mileage. Due to the increasing numbers of hybrid cars, there is no longer the long waiting lists before purchasing such a car. Many dealers will now even have several hybrid cars in their showroom for you to choose from.


    As well as changing your bad driving habits, you can also the number of times you use your car to improve gas mileage. Why not walk or ride a bike for shorter distances? Try also to incorporate multiple destinations into the same trip which will inevitably decrease the number of miles you have to drive. By making these small changes you can really save money at the gas pump by improving your gas mileage.


    So think about it - with these minimal changes, you really can improve your gas mileage. It won't cost you anything, nor will it cause you any hassle, but it could save you an absolute fortunate.

    If you'd like to read more information about gas mileage and vehicles please take the time to visit our website at Automotive Tips
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  • It might amaze you as an automobile owner or driver. It is not the long miles that put wear and tear on your car or truck and its engine and mechanical parts and components. It is cold weather starts. This is especially true for those who reside and drive in cold winter weather areas such as the northern US states, up to the north in Canada and Alaska.


    Experienced mechanics and auto dealership factory trained tech service writers will tell you that the most imprint and critical time for an automobile�s engine is that period when the car autel ds808, truck or SUV is started to when it is fully warmed up. It is during this time period that much wear occurs and fuel consumption � that is gasoline used per mile or km, is the greatest by far. This is the time of the engine�s least efficiency, in fact a vehicle�s motor during this cold starting and warming up period may use in total as little as 3 percent of the energy available to it chemically in a gallon of gasoline fuel. The rest is all for the most part can be said to be a total waste.


    On the other hand though , cold starts may be one of the times when a diligent auto or truck owner can make good in fact great inroads in the battle to make an engine last longer autel ms906. Anything done to combat this cold engine wear and inefficiency will may multiple in fact compound dividends. What can you do?


    First of all if you do live in a very cold climate you might want to inquire about engine �block heaters�. These are commonly used in northern Canada and the Canadian Prairie provinces as well as in some areas of Alaska. Essentially these are ac powered electric coil heaters that are installed in the engine block, bathed in rad coolant water.


    At night during the coldest of winter times the power cord to these block heaters are plugged in warming up the engine block and the engine components facilitating easy startups and quick warm up times.


    What about starting the engine and letting it idle to �warm up�, once you have started a cold engine and the oil pressure gauge indicates normal, place the car gently in gear and get moving down the roadway. No more than 15 seconds of engine idling should be required. Do not try to warm the engine by prolonged idling. Years ago , this may have been the accepted practice , but with today�s modern engines and fuel injection , most automotive engineers are in agreement that prolonged idling of an engine will do only more harm than good .


    A cold idling engine will not warm up as fast, lubricate as efficiently, or burn gas as completely as one that is in gear and moving � that is one that is under load. Get the car moving as soon as possible as this hastens the warm-up of the vehicle to optimal operating temperatures.


    Lastly it is wise to drive slow to moderate speeds the first few miles , that is until the engine fully warms up to operating temps and not to race or gun the vehicle�s engine.

    Kirk W. Nobbe Autoworld Mazda Mazda3 Edmonton Fort Mc Murray Alberta Auto Financing St. Albert Sherwood Park Devon Truck SUV Finance Low Payments Easy Terms
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  • By leasing a used vehicle, you can obtain a luxury model car or an SUV at much lower monthly payments than are imposed when you buy a new one. However, you must do your homework in order to find the best deal available.


    When researching leasing costs, pay close attention to the initial market value and the estimated residual value of the used car you are considering. This value is more difficult to predict for used vehicles than for new ones because there is no "sticker price" as set by a factory on a used car. You can use a variety of sources to obtain a rough estimate of the used vehicle's value, however. These include local dealerships and online car evaluation tools; a quick search on the Internet will find a host of these car evaluation tools and most are provided free of charge. You can also get a good estimate by comparing the lease on a used car to a lease on a new car of the same model and make. Used vehicle leasing is best when residual value has depreciated least maxisys elite scan tool. You'll find better bargains at the luxury end of the vehicle market where cars retain their value better Advanced Version of DS708.


    Initial mileage and overall vehicle condition should be two other things to consider when leasing a used automobile. With a used car, the maximum mileage should total no more than 12,000 miles per year. A car that is three years old with 50,000 miles is not a good leasing deal. You should also examine a vehicle for worn fabric on the seats, worn pedal pads, or a dirty engine. These are signs of excessive use and might indicate a rolling back of the odometer. If the used car has not been certified, it should be inspected. You can ask the dealer for a certification program sponsored by the manufacturer or have it certified by a qualified service or mechanic.


    Most used-car lease arrangements do not include gap coverage. Gap coverage is a special kind of insurance that is usually offered on new-auto leases. It protects the consumer if the leased automobile is lost, damaged, or stolen. Car insurance policies usually only cover what the car is worth at the time of the loss or damage and not what you may still have owing on the lease. This difference could total thousands of dollars. Therefore, you shouldn't consider a used-car lease that does not include gap coverage. This coverage can be arranged separately, either with the lease dealer or with your own car insurance company.

    To discover more information and read articles about automobiles and transport visit
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  • The process of purchasing a car is one of the most exciting experiences you'll ever have. But unless you're well prepared, it can also give you more headaches then you ever imagined. When car-shopping, most people know exactly what kind of car they want to buy, with every detail of color and accessories in mind. However, what most people have no clue about is where they should shop for their car.


    Rumors about small-town vs. big-town dealerships have been around forever autel maxisys ms906 review. Some people believe small-town dealers are the best choice because of their quality customer service. They think small dealers treat their customers better because it is important to them to uphold their reputation in the community. On the other hand, some believe that big-town dealers, like Toyota dealerships, have better trained mechanics and a more competent service staff autel maxidas ds808. The truth is you can never really be sure where to get the very best deal on any car. For this reason it is important to compare cars amongst several different dealerships, and this can be done in a variety of ways.




    In this information age, make your very first stop on the Internet. Using the Internet is definitely the easiest and fastest was to shop for any car. Within minutes you'll have all the information you ever wanted on any car in the world, from general information to the smallest details. Sales people actually prefer customers who have researched cars on the Internet because they usually come to the dealer knowing exactly what they want. At that point it's just a matter of taking the car for a test drive to make sure the car is as comfortable as they imagine. Most car dealerships have their own customized website that provides you with a list of their inventory. This will save you from driving around to different dealers just to check whether or not they sell the car you're looking to buy. You may also want to check out their Customer Service Index (CSI), where past buyers will rate their level of satisfaction with the dealership. The Internet is the best hassle-free way to shop for a car.




    Using the telephone can be one of the best ways to learn about a specific car because it allows you to ask all the questions you have without having to deal face to face with often pushy and pestering car salesmen. Start by calling every dealership listed in the yellow pages that is in your area and sells the car you're interested in purchasing. When talking with a sales manager, ask for the absolute lowest price they can quote you for the car, and be sure to give them every detail you are looking for. You may also want to ask about their financing options. Comparison shopping among local dealerships will ensure that you get the lowest price with the best financing, and the best part is that you did it all from your own living room.




    Make sure you always do some low-tech research as well. Knowing the dealer's reputation is sometimes the most beneficial information. Not only will you know what to expect from different dealers but it can be the difference between a positive experience and a nightmare. Always ask friends and family about dealerships where they've had good experiences. You may also want to keep your eyes open for dealer's nameplates in parking lots. Strike up a conversation with the owner and ask if they would consider buying a car there again.


    With so many ways to obtain information about your car of interest, comparison shopping among different dealerships, both small-town and big-town dealers, will guarantee you the best price. Nothing will make your car-buying experience more pleasant then to do some research before you buy.

    Amber Sell is a Web Content Specialist for 10x Marketing, an Internet Marketing Company. For more information about () Toyota Dealers, please feel free to contact () SAM’S CLUB Auto today.
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