• Volkswagen Servicing And Maintaining Engineering Excellence


    VW - a reputation built on innovation and quality engineering


    As an experienced driver, you know the importance of keeping your VW in tip-top condition. Regular servicing will extend your car's life and identify defects before they become catastrophic.


    When you consider the history of Volkswagen and how the company has built its global reputation for design and quality, booking a Volkswagen service that is conducted with care and precision is vitally important, in retaining the characteristics of this prestige car.


    VW facts you may not know


    In 1934, Dr Ferdinand Porsche agreed to Adolf Hitler's request to create a car suitable for ordinary working people - an economic car that was simple to use and maintain.


    The design was adapted from earlier versions and the shape was created by Erwin Komenda, the established Auto Union designer (see Audi). In 1937 Volkswagen mbH was born and factory construction began the following year.


    However, the Volkswagen factory had produced few cars when war was declared and this led to production being switched from civilian to military vehicles.


    After hefty damage from Allied bombing, the Volkswagen factory was captured by the Americans in 1945 and handed over to the British, who originally intended to salvage the production equipment as war reparations after using the location for military maintenance.


    However, the initiative of Major Ivan Hirst of the British Army to present one of the factory's cars as a light transport vehicle, secured Volkswagen's short term future. An order for 20,000 such vehicles was placed in the autumn of 1945, and within a year the factory was producing some 1,000 cars per month from the still damaged factory.


    After offering the company for sale to British car manufacturers, and with no buyer, a former senior manager at Opel, Heinrich Nordhoff, was brought in to run the factory in 1948 and ownership was placed in a government run trust.


    In the 1950's the company became famous for its Type 1 model, commonly known as the Beetle. But it wasn't until 1968 that VW used the term in its advertising and not until 1998, with the introduction of the new version, that a car was officially named the Volkswagen Beetle.


    In 1964, VW purchased Auto Union, owner of the Audi brand, and so the Volkswagen-Audi association was born.


    In the 1970's, the Beetle began to become outdated and Volkswagen looked to Auto Union for the next generation of engine technology. Front wheel drive and water cooled engines were adopted by a new wave of Volkswagens in 1973 and 1974.


    The Audi 50 was effectively relabelled the VW Polo and the Audi 80 body and mechanics were translated into the VW Passat. However, the most influential development was the launch of the Beetle replacement, the Volkswagen Golf in 1974.


    Setting precedence for future development, Volkswagen used the new Golf chassis to launch a number of other models, including the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet, Volkswagen Scirocco and Volkswagen Jetta.


    The company was expanded in 1990 and 1991 with the purchase of SEAT Autel MaxiSys MS908, the Spanish car maker, and Skoda Auto of Czechoslovakia.


    These new acquisitions allowed Volkswagen to position its brands across the market, elevating Audi to compete with BMW and Mercedes, positioning VW as a quality rival to the likes of Ford and Renault Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, and focusing Seat and Skoda on VW's historical 'affordable' heartland.


    Whilst the original names have been retained, the Volkswagen range has been systematically redeveloped with new generations of the much loved models, as well as extended into the SUV market with the VW Tiguan.


    With their history of design innovation, together with their passion for engineering, Volkswagen has successfully grown its reputation as a high quality car manufacturer.


    Book your Volkswagen service with confidence


    So when you book your next VW service, you can be confident that Service A Car understands the heritage of Volkswagen and conducts VW servicing with the passion and precision the car deserves.

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  • Vintage cars draw attention of those car lovers who have a deep passion about automobiles and their historical value. There is a misconception that old cars mean vintage, for the truth you have to know about the history of automobiles. The automobile history eras are, 1890s to 1900s called Veteran cars, 1900s to 1910s are labeled Brass or Edwardian, 1910s to 1930s are the Vintage era, 1930s to 1940s are the Pre-War eras, 1940s to 1950s are the Post-War era and 1960s to date can be called the Modern Future era. The cars from 1890s to 1950s can also be broadly classified as the Classic / Antique era. A true vintage car can be described as built between 1919 and 1939, while this is also contradicted by various car clubs in different parts of the world. The vintage age in automobiles are considered to be a transition period.


    Some of the enchanting vintage cars are the Austin 7 (1922 to 1939) Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, this car was a benchmark for most of the other cars of the time from BMW to Nissan. Lancia Lambda (1922 to 1931) was an advanced car of this period, and the first car to have a load bearing monocoque type of body with an independent front suspension. Bugatti Type 35 (1924 to 1929) was a brilliant racing car with more than 1,000 wins in five years. The Ford Model A (1927 to 1931) sold in excess of 4 million was a best seller of this era, and finally The Cadillac V - 16 along with Bugatti's was the dominant ultra luxury car of that time.


    The Vintage car owners come from the aristocratic and rich society with a great passion and love for the cars. These cars need to be maintained to perfection without deviating from the originality. Spares is always the challenge as it is not readily available in the market and sourcing them is a Herculean task, involving both time, patience and money. Only the deeply passionate succeed. Owning Vintage cars is a luxury, as also a status symbol since it is not for the ordinary. These well maintained and gleaming cars in brilliant colors with a mirror shine is proudly exhibited by the owners at vintage car rallies held on special occasions all over the world. These rallies draw thousands of spectators to watch and admire these spectacular automobile creatures, this gives a sense of fulfillment, pride and joy to the owners


    The Vintage car shows held across the globe is a great meeting and socializing ground for these fanatic car lovers. They throng these shows to add to their collection and get more information and skills to expand their exhilarating hobby. The sight of these beauties intoxicate the vintage car fan more than vintage wine, while this hobby is expensive and is not for the faint hearted, the supreme satisfaction of being in love with these wonderfully shaped cars compensates for all the hard work and sacrifices made Autel MK808. We can conclude that Vintage cars bring back to our life these exotic automobiles which would have been lost to our present generation.

    I am basically a graduate at the University of Hamburg and you can get awesome articles and valid information from the ones which I submit specially for you to take a look at. Check out Vintage Images, Vintage Graphics or Vintage Pictures.
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  • As the number of vehicles on the road is increasing, the danger of these vehicles being involved in accidents is also increasing. Automotive engineers and vehicle safety experts are looking for ways that would help curb accidents and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication is definitely a promising technology. Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication is a technology that allows vehicles on the road to communicate with each other with the intention to inform the other of a possible collision. Applicable mainly for the safety of vehicles that ply on the roads, the technology helps vehicles communicate and alert the drivers to take corrective action Autel MaxiDiag MD808. The data that may be exchanged between vehicles could include the position, speed, brake status, turn signal status and steering angle and throttle position of the vehicle.


    As per the surveys conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 75% of the car accidents can be avoided if the V2V technology is used. But for this system to be effective, it needs that the vehicles plying on the road are equipped with the ability to receive and transmit data. In addition, the protocol that would allow communication between vehicles need to be common. There would also be the requirement of several policies that would deploy the use of the technology on a large scale.


    As can be understood the benefits of the system would not only be limited to preventing accidents or collisions between vehicles but also avoid collision of vehicles with pedestrians, intersections, or road-side objects like electricity poles etc.


    According to the NHTSA, the V2V technology could be the future of cars not only for the self driving or autonomous cars but also for the human driven cars Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. The technology is considered as important as the other life saving technologies such as the electronic stability control, auto safety features and seatbelts. Automakers have already been working on the technology. The NHTSA has said that the benefits of the technology have been demonstrated not only under controlled test conditions but even in the real world.


    Tests for the long term usage and success of the technology are in progress. The researchers are of the view that once these tests are in the positive and ready to be implemented on a large scale basis, they would urge the manufacturers to provide the system in the new vehicles being produced. Slowly the system would be tweaked to include old vehicles so that there are communicable abilities between the old and the new vehicles.


    As of now, the NHTSA is conducting an analysis and evaluation of a pilot program that took a year to complete. Once the auto safety agency completes the analysis, it would publish a report that would have the complete information regarding the technical feasibility of the technology, the security and privacy aspects and most importantly the costs. Once the report is presented before the public for discussion, NHTSA proposes to begin working on the actual regulatory proposal to implement the technology in all new vehicles.


    Sponsored by BCN Consulting Group

    BCN Consulting Group Auto review
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  • Used auto buyers out on the prowl should be both wary and knowledgeable about "flood damaged cars (trucks and SUVs) Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. This spring season is a stormy one for US and Canada. There has been several major storms encountered that might cause flooding in some areas especially in the flood prone ones. Flooding causes damage to our home as well as appliances and other belongings. Vehicles are not resistant to this too. In fact the auto industry market is now being infiltrated with flood damaged cars.


    You might be thinking you are not anywhere near a flooded area so you are less likely to encounter flood damaged cars. But this is not the case these cars are now being distributed all throughout the world especially in places where people are not imagining of their presence. Once these were dried and cleaned by auto dealers you might not instantly spot them as once flood submerged cars. So there is a big chance you have them in the auto market in your locality.


    It might help a lot if you know some basic signs of flood damaged cars. These cars are easily spotted through their odor. Mouldy odour that really sticks to the nose can be whiffed once this car has been exposed under the sun for an extended period of time. The carpet that has been submerged to flood will definitely give a scent that is irritating to the nose. Not only that, flood submerged carpets are good culture media for bacteria thus there is a tendency that you will get infected. However once the carpet has been properly washed, shampooed and disinfected the odor might fade away though. Or the car dealers may possibly hide the moldy odor by applying strong deodorants and detergents Autel Maxisys MS908CV. If you experience such strong fresh mountain scent, it will be best to inspect the car further for other signs of water submerged cars.


    The other indications for cars that have been damaged by flood are most likely not seen in an instant. This might include problems in the engine, transmission, wheel and breaks that will most probably show up after a couple of weeks use. So it is but wise to bring along an expert mechanic to help you out in checking the used car you would want to purchase.


    Cars that have been underwater create very big problem. Thus it is better to turn your back on them if you encounter one. Being underwater for sometime can cause a lot of problems that might be very hard to repair and tend to last in an extended duration. Whether the water was a sewer water, sandy water or even water that is free from any particles at all the effect will almost be comparable. Say for instance, engine that has been permeated with sand particles are most likely to cause blown gaskets and misfiring.


    Some flood damaged cars are not totally recluse. With proper cleaning and restoration they may end up as quality cars. Cleaning and restoration will include replacing the carpets and seats foams, disinfecting the car's interior, applying grease on the electrical system and reinstating new wires and other components for the rusty ones. If you are not well versed on auto engine and parts again it is suggested that you bring along an expert mechanic to do the inspection for you.


    It will be very difficult for you to get an insurance company that will provide you with comprehensive insurance plan. Although there will be some that can give liability policy instead. So if you are really in doubt of the quality of the car you are about to purchase you can asked for a pre-purchase car inspection so that you can have it checked thoroughly. To make your inspection more complete you can refer to the car's history through the different service provider like , National Motor Vehicle Title Information System and the National Crime Bureau VINCheck . However their services are limited only to the cars that have been covered by auto insurance company.

    Toni I Williams Mazda3 Edmonton Clearview Alberta Edmonton Used Car Dealers Fort McMurray Mazda 3 MazdaSpeed3
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  • Different coverage is available for different businesses. Each business has its own unique needs and your van insurance company have developed specific business coverages to address your set of needs. Some insurance coverages are common with all businesses. Business property and a type of Liability insurance are common standards of coverage. Protection of business materials, including software and supplies is considered important to almost all types of business. Protection against lawsuits with Liability insurance is also a standard with almost all business types.

    First things first, find an van insurance company or broker you can trust. Ask around with friends, family or other esteemed business owners and compile a list of recommended insurance companies. Also find out what coverages they use. This way you will be well-informed before your first meeting with the agent. If available, contact your trade association and find out what coverages they recommend. This can help save considerable time and hassle.

    When choosing an van insurance company that fits best for your business, find out how much they know about your business and its needs autel. Also, examine how long your agent of choice has sold business insurance. A seasoned insurance agent may not be familiar with your business, but they will know their product and what to recommend for your situation. Before finalizing any coverage ask your agent what steps you can take to minimize potential loss due to theft, natural disaster and workplace injury.

    3 Tips to a Lower Premium

    1 – Raise your deductible. The higher the deductible, the more you pay out of pocket in the event of a claim. This is one sure fire way to keep your premium down.

    2 – Buy all your insurance from one company. Purchasing a "package" deal often times comes with a discount. Signing-up for a coverage here and there will only disperse your loyalty and insurance companies want all of your business! Find out if a discounted rate is available.

    3 – Employ loss prevention tips. Quite often insurance companies will lower a business owner’s premium because steps have been taken to help prevent loss. Insurance companies don’t want to pay claims and they will reward the customer that shows they are responsible and on the insurance companies side.

    3 Ways to Avoid an Insurance Claim

    1 – Train your employees. Prevent liability and worker’s compensation claims by teaching your employees correct ways of performing job duties. This will also empower your employees and help them to take ownership of their duties Autel MaxiSys MS906TS.

    2 – Do Regular Building Maintenance. It’s much easier to prevent an accident than to clean-up after one. Check your electric system on a regular basis. This is a source of many avoidable fires.

    3 – Plan for an Emergency. In the event of an emergency, have a game plan. Train your employees for an emergency and have an easy to execute plan. This will help minimize your loss if disaster strikes.

    When choosing an van insurance company, be informed and knowledgeable. Keeping these tips in mind will help service you when looking for the right van insurance company.


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