• In 1950's Cruiser Bikes were popular for their unique designs and vintage look. With advent of technology, demand for mountain bikes and racing bikes increased. However no other bikes can compete with the traditional style and sturdiness of cruiser bike. During Great Depression in US, the sales of bikers were declined to great extend, at that time Frank Schwinn, created this sturdier cruiser bike. He is a founder and largest manufacturer of cruiser bikes. Since this time, this bike has been modified multiple times, however the modern cruise bikes retain the design element of original bikes. Today cruise bikes are more popular than ever because they offer combination of style, comfort and durability at a affordable price. The price range is in between $150 to $1000.


    Some features of cruiser bike


    Cruise bike is also known as beach cruiser because they are heavy framed bikes, built for beaches and flat terrain. This bike is mainly for people who rides for recreational purpose and not for competition. These bikes are popular among casual bikers as they are very stable and durable, however they are heavy weighted. They offer combine features of balloon large tires, upright seating posture, broad seat and steel construction; also have handlebar baskets and headlights or taillights. Some of the bikes also have foot brakes.


    Cruiser bikes are well designed for both men and women, however it is necessary to select proper frame size. There is slight variation in the frame size of men and women. The major differences found is that contain forward or offset pedaling. Due to difference in heights, men and women require different size of forward pedaling which helps in proper leg extension.


    Types of Cruiser Bike


    1) Single-speed cruiser - It is a classic beach cruiser, contains no gear and features are similar to traditional coaster brake or foot brake. They offer clean vintage look as they are devoid of hand brakes and gear. These bikes are good for short distance ride and limited to small hilly areas.


    2) Multi-speed cruise - They offer variety of speed cruiser bikes. These are fully equipped bikes with front and rear brakes, six to seven varieties of gears ratios. First gear offer least resistance while seventh gear offers highest resistance Autel Maxisys MS908CV. Every subsequent gear offer high resistance that previous gear. Lower gears are mainly used when you ride uphills or when you simply want to make your ride easy. In contrast, higher gear is used when you want to ride fast hence they are perfect on flat surfaces Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.


    3) Based on body frame, cruiser bikes are classified into steel frame and aluminium frame. Steel frame cruisers are less expensive than aluminium frame because steel frame cruisers are heavier, have lower quality components and can get rusted if exposed to water. Aluminium frames are generally more expensive, lighter in weight and they do not rust.


    Today cruiser sales are continued to rise which had declined in past decade. Many manufacturers offer comfort bike and chopper style bikes in their cruiser section. Comfort bike has upright posture with conventionally styled. Features of this bikes are copied from cruiser bikes however they are redesigned to make them look like regular bikes. Even with latest technology, cruiser bikes are not suitable to ride on hilly mountains. If you have cruiser bikes stick to flat surfaces or beaches. Also not all cruisers are alike, so consider this information and take a test ride before purchasing the cruiser or beach bike.

    Wadner Tranchant is an Author and internet entrepreneur base out of Florida. To shop online cruiser bike and all your bike accessories need. You can simply visit
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  • Figuring out what car best suits your personality might be a bit of a challenge. Typically, there are people who prefer to purchase a vehicle based on its overall appearance. You can blame this on clever advertising as well as product placement in movies, television shows and other forms of radio and print media.


    What was the last movie that you saw? How about the last music video that you saw? Nowhere else do we see an over abundance of vehicles portrayed than in television media. For instance, if you have ever seen the movie "Men in Black II," you can't help but notice the type of vehicle that Will Smith is driving because it is prominently portrayed in almost every other scene! At one point during the movie, I found myself wondering why I was seeing this vehicle so often. If my memory serves me right, I believe that the vehicle was some sort of Mercedes Benz.


    In other shows such as House Hunters and Insomniac (with Dave Attel), anytime vehicles are portrayed, if you look closely, you will notice that the producers have purposely blurred out the vehicle emblem (as well as the license plate) because otherwise, they would have to pay a royalty to whichever manufacturer's vehicle was being displayed. It turns out that there are all sorts of rules for showing certain vehicles on television that people are not even aware of half of the time Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.


    All of this aside, trying to figure out what vehicle you have versus what type of vehicle suits you is often a mistake that people make when purchasing a vehicle. Too many times, when we go to buy a vehicle, we are looking at cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles that fulfill some sort of an emotional need versus one that is more practical. For example, when I was purchasing my first vehicle a couple of years ago, I thought that the Jeeps were really sporty-looking and "cute" Autel Maxisys MS908CV. I couldn't wait to own one of my own. I had previously driven in a Jeep, and so therefore, I already knew how it handled, etc. However, what I failed to factor in was that I am someone who does A LOT of driving. Because I am fairly close to my family, and because none of my family members live close to me (the nearest one is approximately three hours away), I found myself doing a lot of driving.


    I couldn't believe how expensive it was to own a vehicle. For instance, did you know that some states charge you a vehicle tax? This was a rude surprise only four months after owning my first brand new vehicle. Additionally, when I was at the dealership looking at different vehicles, I was more concerned with the quality of the sounds system as well as other special features such as tinted windows, leather seats and four-wheel drive. In retrospect, if I had actually done my homework and brought someone with me who was well versed in buying a car, I would have definitely made a different and much better choice in terms of vehicle.

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  • Perfection and effective function was the primary aim of wheels from Leonardo Da Vinci to Giorgio Armani Autel Maxisys MS908CV.


    Prominent Brands:


    D Vinci Wheels has a similar quest for harmony. Wheels from D Vinci are the most elegant, stylish, and customized wheels available in the market. The design studio of D Vinci Wheels is world famous for the production of custom wheels that set new trends. D Vinci Wheels provide high quality designs for a variety of rims and come in a range of styles, finishes, and textures.


    Euromax Wheels has designed and manufactured rims and wheels for original equipment and custom rims since 1976. Quality is the primary objective of Euromax Wheels. In addition, Euromax Wheels specializes in European style based designs and trends.


    Diablo Wheels [] has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry for its intense creativity and innovation. This is in sharp contrast to other companies, who do not want to take risks and simply copy one another. Diablo Wheels is the first company to produce custom wheel finish accessories and removable rim inserts.


    Jaagruti Wheels is a top option for quality Autel MaxiSys MS908, design, and style. Chrome wheels from Jaagruti Wheels are triple chrome plated. Jaagruti Wheels provides finest quality chrome rims. In addition, the company produces black rims with Stainless Steel edge.


    Driv Wheels has established itself as a cutting edge and premium quality company, which is famous for its custom wheels.


    Karizzma Wheels manufactures unique and finest quality rims available in the market. The triple chrome plating provides a smooth styling that suits the individual's lifestyle.


    The primary aim of MHT Wheels is to provide quality, style, strength, and visual appeal. Each forged wheel from including MHT Wheels has a function to highlight the vehicles that will use them. MHT Wheels has fitments for European sedans such as the Mercedes Benz, AMG, BMW and high-end performance cars such as Porsche and Lamborghini.


    MRR Wheels is a top company for tuner rims. The company blends quality artisanship with latest trends and styles. The rims from MRR Wheels have deep edges.


    Polo Wheels is a company known for its unique style. The Chrome Rims from Polo Wheels have a sleek style and are triple chrome plated.

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  • Having your car serviced and checked regularly is one way of extending the life of your vehicle and increasing the safety of your journeys. Knowing what is included in a car service helps ensure that any work done on your car is carried out correctly and all necessary checks are completed. Keeping your car well maintained and problem free is vital so having it regularly serviced is a must. Typically your car should receive a thorough service every 12,000 miles or 12 months - whichever is sooner.


    Different cars have different service requirements; the car service checklist of a modern day saloon is different to the checklist of a classic sports car for example.


    A general car service checklist typically includes checking safety critical items such as brakes Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, suspension, tyres and mirrors. Topping up fluids, including brake fluid Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and clutch fluid. Replacement of engine oil and check for any oil leaks. An inspection on the underneath of the vehicle including the exhaust system. Replacement of air filter, fuel filter (diesels only) and oil filte


    Here are a few items of inspection on a Car Service Checklist:


    Oil - Forgetting to change the oil can cause major damage to the cars engine as it loses its viscosity. Topping up the oil is a simple process of checking the engine oil dipstick and checking the oil level. The oil level should be at the "full" mark, any lower then it needs topping up. If the oil colour is way too black, it's in need of changing. If it's slightly brown, it's ok. If you're not comfortable with doing this yourself don't worry, this check and many more are carried out at car servicing centre such as those found on ebeepbeep.com. It is widely considered that your oil should be changed every 6000 miles and at least once a year.


    Filters - Running your car with dirty filters can greatly reduce the cars performance which then affects your mileage. Replacing the air filter, oil filter & fuel filter (diesel only) will reduce these effects and ensure your car runs as it should do.


    Lights - A car service checklist will also include checking the operation of interior and exterior lighting. This includes the headlights, indicators, rear lights and not forgetting the number plate lights.


    Brakes - One of the most fundamentally important items on a Car Service Checklist is to ensure the brake system is working. If the depth of the brake pads is too little they need replacing, also ensure the discs do not become glazed.


    Tyres - The conditions of your tyres should be checked regularly, especially if you're a high mileage driver as the wear and tear on your tyres (and other parts) increases. It is illegal for your tyre tread depth or tyre pressure to be too low and fines can reach up to £2500 and 3 penalty points per tyre!


    Anti Freeze - Anti freeze isn't just used when the temperatures drop, it also acts as a coolant in the summer so it's important to keep it topped up year round. A full car service or interim service will top up your anti freeze if needed.


    Please only attempt to service your car if you have the proper knowledge and tools, otherwise allow a trained professional to service your vehicle to ensure a safe, thorough service is performed. You can find a nearby garage and book a car service online at www.ebeepbeep.com.

    Phil Cahill is an expert in the area of car maintenance and car servicing. He works for a company that specialises in providing cheaper car servicing throughout the UK. For more information, please visit their site,
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  • There may be situations when something goes wrong in the various parts of the car audio. There are many ways to repair it but it requires tools. These tools may be basic but the usage must be known before they can be used for repairing. If the tools are wrongly used, they may cause damage also. Hence this article deals with some information about car audio tool installation kits.


    The tools are defined as a set of instruments that are used for the repairing of the equipments. If one decides to swap the player, they will be in the need of this installation kit, which has all the required tools for the installation.


    The various functions it has are the installation of different parts in the audio system. The audio player had many parts like the receivers, CD changers and also the speakers. They are basically customized to install each part of the system. It has the glue with high strength for fixing or attaching different parts or wires. The soldering iron has a complex function of soldering various parts.


    There are many types of these installation kits available in the market. They depend on the brand and also the use. There is a broad range in this and the best depending on your need can be chosen. For instance, the receivers can be installed using the install dash kit Autel MaxiSys MS908. The wiring harness is used for having a group of wires and can be easily changed when swapping it with another unit. There are antenna connectors for replacing the antennas in the car. There are also the adapters that are used for converting the stereo in speaker level to the RCA level.


    The features of this include the capability to amplify the sound. This also makes the process of installation so easy that anyone can do it. There are special tools for the removing of the radio. It just needs to be inserted into the slots. The installation tools for the wires can help the installation be done without getting the wires entangled. The wedge tools are others that have a particular shape so that the user can wedge the audio pieces in a relatively smaller area.


    There are some considerations for the tools. These must be based on the type of the car or at least the type of the audio system that is installed. The website can be checked for their specifications and if it can be used for your purpose.


    Some of you might not be experienced in using the installation tools. In such cases, it is always advisable to use the manuals for the instructions. The radio of different brands is different in characteristics. The different wires must be handled carefully.


    Hence this article gives some information about car audio tool installation kits regarding the features, considerations that must be done before buying it, the different types available and also the warnings that have to be handled before using it.

    If you are interested in more information, the Author shares the Radiohalterung site. This article was written by the business marketer from powernetshop.at with his Autoradio site Autel MK808, he shares you the tips you learned in this article. The company has a large product collection on Auto accessories in the Internet
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