• What Are a Tom Tom Navigation

    There has been a great revolution in the automobile accessories when the GPS was discovered. Since the discovery of the GPS there has been continuous development and modifications in the GPS. One such revolutionized example is the tomtom. It makes using very easy and also the various options it gives is very impressive. A tomtom system is a solid, intuitive product whose ad campaign is upbeat. The most attractive feature of this tomtom system is that it can be customized as per the user's choice. But how to customize a tomtom?


    A tomtom is very helpful is uploading a new GPS sound its other facilities include the changing of icon of the display. Using tomtom we can also alter the way the maps are displayed. Its feature makes it an ideal tool for the customers.


    In the first step we will see how to change the display using the tomtom device. First of all power on the device and then select the "preference" option present in the main menu. This menu provides much other facility also it opens when the device is switched on. In order to use the tomtom device first we need to have tomtom device with an included USB cable.


    Then the main menu is opened and preference option is selected, then select "car symbol option" present in the main menu. Then using this search for a desired symbol for your car and then okay. Now return to the preference menu and select the "change map colours" option. Now similar to before a set of option is displayed from it the required one is scrolled and selected. When all this is done we should return to the main menu screen.


    To change the voice first we should power on the device and then in the main menu select the preferences menu. Now in the preference menu select the change voice option. Now a list of options is listed we can select anyone by listening to it then choosing it. In this way the desired sound can be selected. Then save the sound preference.


    The tomtom software is chosen from the tomtom web site and it is down loaded. From the available options the required operating system is chosen. The narrow end of the USB cable is plugged into the tomtom system and the other end is plugged into the computer system. A dock base is available in a tomtom system instead of USB cables and wires.


    The tomtom system is switched on and the tomtom software is chosen and gets connected to the device and enables the download of this and other features and options from the web site of tomtom. The options are all stored in the corresponding files and used whenever required. Then the folders are all closed within the GPS itself and the device is ejected from the system and plugged out autel maxidas ds808.


    One must know how to customize a tomtom, these simple steps will enable one to easily customize it. It also gives many options to the user before customizing which makes people very satisfied.

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