• Vintage Cars “A Mystic and Sensuous Past Relived

    Vintage cars draw attention of those car lovers who have a deep passion about automobiles and their historical value. There is a misconception that old cars mean vintage, for the truth you have to know about the history of automobiles. The automobile history eras are, 1890s to 1900s called Veteran cars, 1900s to 1910s are labeled Brass or Edwardian, 1910s to 1930s are the Vintage era, 1930s to 1940s are the Pre-War eras, 1940s to 1950s are the Post-War era and 1960s to date can be called the Modern Future era. The cars from 1890s to 1950s can also be broadly classified as the Classic / Antique era. A true vintage car can be described as built between 1919 and 1939, while this is also contradicted by various car clubs in different parts of the world. The vintage age in automobiles are considered to be a transition period.


    Some of the enchanting vintage cars are the Austin 7 (1922 to 1939) Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, this car was a benchmark for most of the other cars of the time from BMW to Nissan. Lancia Lambda (1922 to 1931) was an advanced car of this period, and the first car to have a load bearing monocoque type of body with an independent front suspension. Bugatti Type 35 (1924 to 1929) was a brilliant racing car with more than 1,000 wins in five years. The Ford Model A (1927 to 1931) sold in excess of 4 million was a best seller of this era, and finally The Cadillac V - 16 along with Bugatti's was the dominant ultra luxury car of that time.


    The Vintage car owners come from the aristocratic and rich society with a great passion and love for the cars. These cars need to be maintained to perfection without deviating from the originality. Spares is always the challenge as it is not readily available in the market and sourcing them is a Herculean task, involving both time, patience and money. Only the deeply passionate succeed. Owning Vintage cars is a luxury, as also a status symbol since it is not for the ordinary. These well maintained and gleaming cars in brilliant colors with a mirror shine is proudly exhibited by the owners at vintage car rallies held on special occasions all over the world. These rallies draw thousands of spectators to watch and admire these spectacular automobile creatures, this gives a sense of fulfillment, pride and joy to the owners


    The Vintage car shows held across the globe is a great meeting and socializing ground for these fanatic car lovers. They throng these shows to add to their collection and get more information and skills to expand their exhilarating hobby. The sight of these beauties intoxicate the vintage car fan more than vintage wine, while this hobby is expensive and is not for the faint hearted, the supreme satisfaction of being in love with these wonderfully shaped cars compensates for all the hard work and sacrifices made Autel MK808. We can conclude that Vintage cars bring back to our life these exotic automobiles which would have been lost to our present generation.

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